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Born Naturally, Barefoot Birth May Be Just What Women Need

April 25, 2017
The founders of Barefoot Birth created the company as a great way to provide a birth service organization that manages to fill a gap in the type of birthing services needed by expectant mothers and families who want to have their child without the need of a hospital and a bunch of medications, including many that are often unnecessary. Their doula support services are among the best in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Barefoot Birth’s co-founder Charlie Rae Young is one of just two midwives in the region who are qualified in that capacity and who are willing to offer their services in home birthing situations.

The entire practice of Barefoot Birth is based on a high level of transparency and the most open communication possible. Because they are a part of one of the most important events in the life of any family, they strive to show every client family the respect and assistance they need to have a successful, natural birth, whether at home or elsewhere. Barefoot Birth will also support the family in every decision they make because every decision is very personal and should not be overridden by an “expert.” That means they will happily do whatever is necessary to nurture the mother and the child during the entire process.

Barefoot Birth has put together an experienced team of professionals who are ready, willing and able to provide expectant families with the love and support they need to make the birthing experience the best it can be. Barefoot Birth offers personalized prenatal and post-partum care and support, as well as childbirth education, massage therapy and even professional birth photography and belly casting services. Anything to make the entire birthing experience the most joyous experience possible.